Two years, two books and a special 99p/99c sale

Two years ago today, April 2nd 2016, I published my first book, Dawn of the Dreamsmith, the culmination of twenty-some years of trying to write a novel.

Six or so months ago I followed that with the second book of The Raven’s Tale trilogy, Shadows of the Dreamspire, which somehow was even bigger, not only in size but in scope, themes and action sequences.

There have been ups and downs along the way, but mostly when I think back to two years ago and the nervous, nauseous feeling I felt clicking that upload button the first time on Amazon, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. I did a Thing, and for the most part people also seem to like that Thing. Even 730 days later I still feel the same thrill when I see a sale on the KPD reports. I suspect that will never change.

It does feel a bit strange, however, to think I’ve had these same characters running around inside my head for nigh-on four years now, clamouring for my attention and not complaining too much when I put them in all sort of terrible or dangerous situations. And while they’ll be around for a while longer yet, in my mind the trilogy is now complete and their stories have drawn to a close. I’m pretty sad about that, and I expect when I’ve committed the final words to paper that feeling will intensify. They’ve been a part of my life for so long, and I’ll miss them, even though I can see other books and other characters crowding behind them, waiting for their time to arrive.

But that’s for another day. At the moment I’m still working on the standalone prequel that will arrive hopefully this summer, and it’s nice to be in this world I’ve created for a bit longer. It’s one I may even return to in the future, though the cast will be different.

To commemorate the two years since the publication of my first book, both it and its sequel will be on sale this week for 99c on and 99p on Buy them today and rejoice in the knowledge that you’ve made an author smile!

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