Where’s the book?!

It’s been a bit quiet from me for the past few months, so first of all sorry about that.

Secondly, I thought it might be a good time to put out a quick update on where things are at with the second book of The Raven’s Tale, which is currently titled Shadows of the Dreamspire.

The first book of the trilogy, Dawn of the Dreamsmith, was published a little over 11 months ago, and work has been progressing steadily on the follow-up ever since. It’s always tough to balance writing time with the demands of a full-time job and bringing up a young family, but by and large I’ve been happy with how it’s gone.

The end is finally in sight for the first draft. I’m currently working on chapter 40 out of 45, and hope to get it wrapped up by April. And as of this week, I’ve reached the same word-count as the first book, 243,000. Considering it took me about 18 months to write the first draft of book one, I’m speeding up!

So, yes, it will be a bit longer than the first, but not massively so. I’m also reasonably satisfied with the way it’s shaping up. It’ll be a little darker than the first, but I’ve been getting good feedback from the guys who have been reading each chapter as they get done, so I’m hopeful that people who liked the first will like this too.

My plan as it stands then, is to send the draft out to some beta readers in April while start my own editing, and hopefully have a second draft complete by the end of the month. After that I’ll go through it again with a fine-tooth comb to try to catch everything I missed the first two times, and have a third draft ready to go by the end of May.

While that’s all going on, I’ll be commissioning a cover, new map etc, and if the stars align I hope to publish in early June.

Hope to see you there!

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