Book 1 updated, Book 2 inbound

Hello, it’s been a while!

I thought I would just put up a quick post to let people know where things are at with Book 2 of The Raven’s Tale – the good news is that it will be out very soon.

But first of all, I just wanted to announce that I’ve updated Book 1 so that at the end it now includes the first chapter of the sequel – a bit of a thank you to everyone who bought it and read it this past year, and to hopefully whet appetites for the next one.

It should automatically update on your Kindle or reading device, but if not be sure to activate all the ‘auto-update’ settings. You should then be able to see it directly after the Epilogue.

In terms of Book 2, titled Shadows of the Dreamspire, I’ve now put the finishing touches to the final draft, the cover is ready and the new map has been drawn. There are just a few final bits to finish and tidy up, and then it will be ready to publish. At the moment I’m looking for it to go live in the first week of September.

It’s all very exciting! I’m very pleased with it, and hope that you all enjoy it as much reading it as I did writing it. Now on to Book 3!

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