Maps and significant locations

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The Crag

The island fortress, inhabited by members of the Order of Enlightenment, is the westernmost point of the Empire.



The rough and ready harbour town is famed for the skills of its fishermen, is the westernmost town of the mainland and the closest to the Crag.


Hunter’s Watch

The hunters of the Watch have assumed the duty of taming the otherworldly threats of the Spiritwood and protecting those who travel through it.


The Ice Fens

The marshes to the north of the Spiritwood are at once frozen and perilous underfoot. Only the hunters know the safe paths through the mire.


The Spiritwood

The ancient forest sits in the middle of the north, separating the prosperous harbours of Westcove and Whitecliff. Strange beasts and unnatural beings, unseen anywhere else in the Empire, prowl within its borders, kept in check only by the efforts of the hunters.



A stronghold built into the summit of the tallest peak of the Dragon’s Back range of mountains, Aer-Claidheamh. In recent times, it has been inhabited by Brothers of the Order.


The Whispers

A section of coast south of Westcove, notable for the strange sussurations that pass through its many tunnels and caves.



The capital of the Empire and its wealthiest and most powerful city.



The Legion’s stronghold in the south-west, and gateway to the mist-plagued region known as the Shadowlands.



In days long gone by the seat of the High King of the north, now merely that region’s principal and most southern city, a loyal vassal of the crown.


Dunford & Sentry Bay

Only the semi-permanent presence of the Imperial Legion prevents the impoverished port from lapsing into piracy and lawlessness.


The Vigil

The sheer island sitting in the middle of Sentry Bay is the home of the Empire’s strongest coastal stronghold.